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hello you… U S of A

A child smiling

Soon to be stateside. With all its tribalism, noise, and the vast empire of ‘the desire for more’… I ask myself why, why I am so excited?

And the answer is easy.

The beautiful sensation of freedom.

The sense of potentiality.

The easy friendliness.

The big sky.

As an all-weather friend, I will do what I can to be the best kind of visitor. If you want to talk about the storm outside, that’s fine, as it goes, and I’ll leave the right tip.

If you want a moment of truthfulness, we can turn up the light, ever so gently.

Free of illusions, we are truly set free. We are truly liberated. And our children, and theirs, and everyone’s child.

We are the child.

In my suitcase, I must pack feathers, an Aussie smile, and a flask of Irish hugs.

It is love that I feel for the US of A, that is, its promise, the place it can be. And how we show up, affects everybody.

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