Elena Lees, a senior cardiac nurse, is exhausted, worn out from long shifts, failed relationships, and the pressures of inner-city living. She is losing the capacity to cope.

Responding to an intuitive call, she decides to walk out the door, walk away from everything and keep on walking.


She unhooks in nature, and her remarkable adventure to Europe unfolds - upturning her world and her understanding of what it means to be alive.












Whilst a work of fiction, the story was inspired by my 900km solo walk from London to Geneva. 

E-book now on Amazon (Dec 2022)! 

Beta Reader Review


"A very inspiring and intriguing novel about change and self discovery, following a woman who needs to change her life and perspective. Beautifully written, such a pleasant 'feel-good' read. Any woman who tries to understand and better herself will love this story." SK

Amazon Review

"The Journey of Water is a beautifully written novel. The author takes you into the inward journey of Elena, who takes on an amazing adventure with the purpose of rediscovering her true-self. A deeply meaningful story that will be loved by anyone who understands the need to search for their truth and find some inner peace." MH