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About the author - Katherine Davies

From Brisbane, Australia, I'm at home close to nature, and the heart of life - drawn to what feels deeply true. An adventurer since early childhood, I'm often heading out the door. My first proper job was as a journalist, my last was running a charity that sought to shine a light on the darkest corners of the planet. I seek to inspire connection with nature and all life, and with the deep capacity for love and joy within ourselves. 

Author Katherine Davies
London to Geneva walk_Junay_Photo by Glen Matthews

The inspiration

The seeds of Elena's story in The Journey of Water were sewn when I found myself walking solo from London to Geneva for a charity campaign, a journey of 900km. I learned a great deal on the road, most of it unexpected... such as how little we truly know... how readily we give our power away, often without realising it... how a deeper journey through life can be empowering, in ways we can understand, but in many ways we can't... the liberation of letting go. I felt immensely grateful to be standing in the stream. 

A beautiful pilgrimage of discovery

Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul:

"The Journey of Water is a deep dive into one woman's pilgrimage of discovery. Katherine Davies' beautifully written book offers a compelling story that enthralls and delights while delivering powerful wisdom that leaves a lasting impression. This book is not to be missed."

Marci Shimoff
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"The Journey of Water is a beautifully written novel. The author takes you into the inward journey of Elena, who takes on an amazing adventure with the purpose of rediscovering her true self. A deeply meaningful story that will be loved by anyone who understands the need to search for their truth and find some inner peace."


"a beautiful story of self-discovery... a deeper thoughtful read" 


"astonishing views, zennish moments… beautifully written, funny and thoughtful and subtle, and the ending is as invigorating as the view from the top of an alpine mountain you just climbed."

Reader holding book The Journey of Water

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