awe: a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder

In search of awe, some scale mountains, trek great distances or pay to lose themselves in a virtual fantasy. 

In the silence, slowing down, inviting a calmer mind, observing the changing light, a tiny leaf, a trace of perfume, to feel awe can be a choice and it’s free. 

Pulled from my desk on the weekend to listen to the poets on the hill, I just think of them now and my heart swells. My mind connects to the infinite. They asked for no favours, just my gentle attention and an honest ear. 

We walk past poets and writers every day. They shed their armour, expose their souls and slave over words. We throw them pennies. But they know far far more about us and our world than we realize.

Poets (L-R) Christine Tempest, Barry Tempest and Jenna Plewes at poetryonthelake

October 2019. Definition of awe from  

A writer's journey 

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