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tuning into nature, one day at a time

exploring life as a writer who wants to step more lightly on our planet

mountain path through grassy field

In my attempts to shift to a life that has less impact on the environment, I fail on a daily basis. I guess I am inching towards something akin to progress but an eco-warrior I am not.

Recently, I moved to the Italian northern lakes, and this morning, instead of taking my car, I walked to the tiny village centre for the rare bus, which was, in the end, non-existent. I had misread the strange letters on the timetable. The next bus was in an hour and a half...

I hadn’t noticed hitchhikers in the local area, but I thought, it couldn't hurt to try. I had not heard of any violent crime. Some of the driving styles can be interesting... but the ones who whizz by wouldn’t stop at any rate. This was my logic.

I wrote my destination on a piece of paper and put my thumb out. There was a hint of incredulity written on the faces of those walking by and the staff at the mini-market were staring. Many cars passed, trucks and vans, as did the time. It was, for a while, intriguing to observe the different occupants, often in animated conversation. A hitchhiker, after all, is granted temporary permission to eyeball the inhabitants of moving vehicles. Before long though, I was starting to wonder if my optimism was misplaced when a very kind lady who was parked nearby offered me a lift. It was a thrilling feeling!

My destination was further than her home, but she didn’t hesitate to take me all the way (so much for the eco result), but the conversation! She shared with me her love of the mountains and inspired me to spend more time up high. We ended up exchanging emails. She looked at me blankly when I tried to explain my eco-intention, so I didn't dare tell her that I actually had a car in my garage at home in perfect running order. Tomorrow is another day.

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